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Updated: November 3, 2015

Asian Dating Sites, Reviewed!

Don't waste any more time!

Here's the deal:

We all just want to meet a hot girl. Maybe for a girlfriend, or maybe just a one night stand.

I wasted my time with bars, pubs, and clubs, and lets be honest, the type of girl you want to meet is just not there.

You spend a hundred bucks talking to club rats and stuck up bitches that just aren't worth the time.

I mean, maybe some dudes are getting girls there, but what if you're not rich or good looking?

Walking around a smoky club talking to random strangers is just not fun, and it doesn't work.

Plus, if you want to meet an asian girl, it's even harder!

Naturally, I turned to online dating. I can screen the girls I message just to the ones I want

Sounds great, but there a lot of crap sites out there. Plus some even cost money!

So there's the deal. Don't waste your time signing up for all the sites out there like I did. Just sign up for the best.

Below, I've compiled the best online dating sites to meet hot asian women. Enjoy. And let me know what you think.

Happy dating,


Reviewed sites (in order of popularity):

Site Link
My Number One Pick: is the site I used to find my girlfriend. The sign up process was incredibly easy, and within minutes I was able to search all of their members. I have to say, their personality matching system is amazing, as that's what ultimately introduced me to my girlfriend.


Asian Friend Finder is the site my coworker used. I haven't signed up, but from what she told me, the matching process seems to be great. Since only people could see her profile that were matched to him, he felt very comfortable that only hot girls would find him.

3 PerfectMatch is an incredibly easy site to browse. The search feature pulls back results that at first glance may not always seem to be the right person, but as you read through the profile, you begin to realize that their system is perfect, and matches are highly compatible.

Lavalife: Lavalife is a very easy site to sign-up for. They have millions of members looking for dating, long term relationships, or casual flings, so you're very likely to find the person you're looking for!

5 has millions of members, with thousands more joining each and every day. Matches are made by members filling out only what's important to them. Simply search for members by interests, and strike up a conversation using the chat feature - it's that easy.

Online Dating Links:

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Last Words:

Online dating may not be right for everyone, but it definitely worked for me. I definitely recommend checking out the sites above, and the great thing is that your security is of utmost importance to them. Your information is only accessible to those that are deemed to be a fit. So what are you waiting for, go check out the sites!

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